Venue 2017

Getting to Kaiserslautern:

  • The closest airports are Saarbrücken and Frankfurt Rhein-Main.
  • By car, Kaiserslautern can be reached via the highways A6 (Saarbrücken-Mannheim) or A63.
  • There are also good train connections to Kaiserslautern since it is located on the train route between Saarbrücken and Mannheim.
  • Check the University guide or the city guide for details.

Getting to the University:

  • The University campus is located on the south west boundary of the city, about 2 km from the train station.
  • It takes about 15-20 minutes to get from the train station to the University by bus (e.g., using line 115) or about five minutes by taxi.
  • Check the University guide for details.
  • A map of Kaiserslautern can be found here.
  • The workshop and the breaks take place in Building 42 (Room 110) of the University, which is close to the bus station “Uni West”. On Campus, you can follow the “Audimax” signs in order to get to Building 42. Also take a look at the map of the University here.
  • The social event will be held at the Fraunhofer Institute ITWM. It is reachable on foot (1km, approx. 12 minutes from the University) or by bus (lines 106 and 115 from both the city and University). A pdf document and a dynamic map to get there is available on the ITWM homepage.
  • After the social event, the Hotel Zollamt can be reached on foot (800m, approx. 10 minutes). For the city, main station, and the B&B Hotel, the bus stations “Fraunhofer Zentrum”, “Carl-Euler-Straße”, and “Pfaffenbergstraße” can be approached to get buses to these destinations. For further information, check the bus schedule website of the SWK here. As place of departure, put in “Fraunhofer Zentrum”.


  • The Hotel Zollamt  is located about 0.7 km from the train station and 1.5 km from the University campus. When booking a room, please specify the keyword “Multi-Objective Optimization” to indicate that you are a participant of the workshop.
  • The B&B Hotel is located only 0.5 km from the train station and 2.2 km from the University campus.
  • A map with alternative hotels can be found here.